Networks in Gründerland Bayern

Gründerland Bayern gives you access to a number of start-up networks across Bavaria. Here you can find out about networks involving state and state-assisted players, their focus areas and the added value they can give you.


BayStartUP (External link) oversees one of Europe’s biggest investor networks and has thus evolved into one of the most important contact points for start-ups looking for capital. Company founders with innovative and especially technology-based business ideas can get specific support here for a successful market launch. Besides individual finance coaching to prepare people for the task of approaching investors, the range of services also includes business training in the form of high-quality workshops, the Bavarian business plan competitions and networking events. BayStartUP also has useful contacts on the Bavarian start-up scene, in industry, at universities and within the research community.


Bayern Innovativ

Bayern Innovativ (External link) is knowledge manager, initiator and accelerator of innovations. Bayern Innovativ specifically connects people from business, science and politics to drive innovation projects forward using state-of-the-art methods. With companies and institutions from the entire ecosystem, Bayern Innovaitv tracks technology trends and supports start-ups in trend scouting. Bayern Innovativ GmbH's "Start-up" program specifically increases potential for collaboration between SMEs and start-ups and initiates cooperations in the strategic fields of mobility, materials, energy, digitalization and health.

Bayern International

On behalf of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Bayern International (External link) helps SMEs from Bavaria to take their first steps into new and established markets and is a key player in the Bavarian export business. At the same time, Bayern International works closely with partners from the government and economic institutions, both in Bavaria and worldwide. With various projects at home and abroad, Bayern International helps companies at every stage of the export process. Bayern International’s other activities include organising the shared Bavarian stands at foreign trade fairs, organising entrepreneur and delegation trips and running the ‘Bayern – Fit for Partnership’ training programme, which attracts foreign managers and skilled workers to Bavaria.

Invest in Bavaria

Invest in Bavaria (External link) works on behalf of the Bavarian Ministry of the Economy to help companies at home and abroad to set up and expand their business in Bavaria. To this end, Invest in Bavaria provides tailored information, assists with the search for the ideal location in Bavaria and identifies and brings together the right contacts for realising the project, including authorities and associations as well as relevant local networks and partners. Invest in Bavaria is supported by the global network of over 20 offices representing Bavaria around the world.  The service provided by Invest in Bavaria is free and it goes without saying that all enquiries are handled confidentially.

With the ‘Ois Easy’ start-up package (External link) , Invest in Bavaria is specifically helping start-ups from abroad that wish to open a new branch or office in Germany and establish themselves on the German market on a long-term basis.

Munich’s Business Start-up Office – MEB (Münchner Existenzgründerbüro)

Munich’s Business Startup Office (MEB) (External link) is a joint initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Munich and Upper Bavaria and the City of Munich. If you are planning to set up your own business as a main source of income or sideline enterprise, then you can get initial information here on subjects such as start-up formalities, business plans, legal forms and taxes, personal and business insurance, financial assistance and potential business spaces for your plans.

Munich Startup

Munich Startup (External link) is the official start-up portal for Munich. It was developed by the City of Munich, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Munich and Upper Bavaria and the four entrepreneurship centres of the Munich universities within the framework of the Entrepreneurship Strategy Munich. The portal is run by Münchner Gewerbehof- und Technologiezentrum GmbH (MGH), the organization that operates Munich’s industry centres. It is the point of (virtual) contact for technology-oriented, innovative start-ups in and around Munich. With interesting start-up stories and background information from the start-up scene, it creates greater transparency and helps to network company founders with possible partners, investors and mentors.

CD.B Center Digitisation.Bavaria (ZD.B – Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern)

The CD.B (External link) is the business and science networking platform for digitalisation matters. Among other things, in the area of start-up development, the CD.B has enhanced entrepreneurship training at 11 universities to date with its focus on digitalisation. It also serves as the interface between start-up development activities at universities and the digital start-up centres throughout Bavaria.


You can find further networks here.