Not every type of finance is suitable for every start-up. In order to give you some initial guidance, Gründerland Bayern has produced an overview of the most essential types of finance. Change the filter parametersinternal Link: Financing to see how your settings affect the sources of finance available!  

Im folgenden Erklärfilm stellen wir die wichtigsten Finanzierungsformen für deinen Unternehmensstart vor:

The federal and state governments run various start-up funding programmes on particularly favourable terms to help you start your own business. Depending on the programme, it may be possible to apply for funding up to eight years after the business was founded. Grants are the most attractive form of finance, because they are a kind of public funding that you generally do not have to repay.

Worth knowing:

  • Always submit applications prior to commencing your project (as regulated by the Vorbeginnklausel, a clause which states that an investment can only be funded if no significant contracts have been signed beforehand)
  • Apply directly to the relevant funding agencies for finance
  • The loan application should always be submitted via your house bank


Speziell für innovative Gründer kommen in Bayern verschiedene Förderprogramme in Frage. Mehr hierzu erfährst du im folgenden Erklärfilm:

Besides the public funding programmes, there are a number of other finance options, such as private or institutional investors.


Im folgenden Erklärfilm erfährst du mehr zu öffentlichen Venture-Capital-Gebern, privaten Investoren und zur Finanzierung über Fremdkapital: