Founding a company can be quite complicated - and the content can be quite complex. Learn from the experience of others. That's why the federal and state government provide targeted support for a wide range of consulting services.

Starting a business can be pretty complicated – and can really drain your resources. It is a good idea to learn from the experiences of others, which is why the German government and the state of Bavaria specifically fund a wide range of advisory services.

Coaching prior to the company formation

The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs (External link) and the European Social Fund (External link)  offer grants for professional advice in the form of the Vorgründungscoaching-Programm (or ‘pre-start-up coaching programme’) to those interested in starting a business and undertaking potential business succession planning, as long as the coaching is provided prior to the company formation or takeover. Coaching measures on economic, financial and organisational matters are eligible for funding, with the focus on business advice. One of the requirements for the funding of the coaching stipulates that the advice must be provided by an accredited coach listed in the Bavarian database of advisors. The funding covers up to 70 per cent of the coaching costs (based on the maximum eligible daily rate of 800 euros). Up to ten days of eight-hour coaching sessions can be funded.

Find out what you need to take into consideration for the pre-start-up coaching:

Information for interested advisors:

You can have your name listed as an accredited coach in the Bavarian database of advisors, as long as you meet the relevant requirements set out under Section 5 of the funding guidelines (External link) .

If this is the case, you can submit your application to one of the funding institutions. In doing so, you should try to approach the funding institution in whose area you are likely to focus your coaching services. One application is sufficient for being listed in the database of advisors for the whole of Bavaria.

Please complete the application form of your choice and send it with your original signature either by post or scan it and send it by email with the corresponding documentary evidence (e.g. CV, education certificates, project list as proof of experience as an advisor, etc.) to the institution stated on the form. It goes without saying that the documentary evidence will be treated confidentially.

Coaching after the company formation

If you have already started your business, find out about the programme run by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs entitled ‘Funding entrepreneurial expertise (External link) ’. Among others, it is aimed at entrepreneurs whose company has been formed or taken over within the last two years. It supports coaching on business, financial, organisational and personnel matters at company management level.

You can find more detailed information by visiting the website of the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle - BAFA) (External link) .