Startup Breakfast @ZOLLHOF


Learn more about digital marketing at this ZOLLHOF Event!

Paid marketing campaigns can boost your business – even if you are on a tight budget.

Many startup founders and people with small projects are considering paid marketing campaigns, asking themselves if they should run Instagram or Facebook ads, set up some Google campaigns or even try LinkedIn paid marketing.

Usually, it’s worth a try and not as expensive as you might expect!

Rita Katona, the speaker of the upcoming Startup Breakfast on December 3rd at 9:30 am, will share some insights and tips regarding these channels and how you can use them to your advantage.

Even if you are new to paid marketing, Rita will show you how you can get started easily.

After a short input presentation (about 30’) there will be an open discussion and Q&A where you can ask questions and have a loose chat with the speaker and other participants.


The expert:

Rita Katona is our Growth Specialist at ZOLLHOF who has been running performance marketing campaigns for the past 6 years for different startups and tech projects. Simultaneously, she has been mentoring entrepreneurs and giving workshops about various growth-related topics, e.g.: KPI tracking, growth hacking, performance marketing.

Prior to her start at ZOLLHOF, Rita worked for various startups which were active in different fields (on-demand food delivery, AI-powered travel booking, Blockchain solutions, service providers’ marketplace). She also founded her own startup, a local search and discovery mobile app for Berlin. Rita is especially passionate about Traveling, (New) Food, Female Entrepreneurship & Sustainable solutions.


Find more information about the event here.