Diversity Start-up Night

Munich Colab Lab

The more diverse teams are regarding dimensions such as gender, ethnicity, age, experience level, educational background, or expertise, the more likely they are to draw inspiration from seemingly unrelated places. This leads to more unlikely and innovative ideas shaping our future.



With the Diversity Start-up Night powered by XPRENEURS, Nauta Capital & UVC Partners in cooperation with Speedinvest & Bayerisches Wirtschaftsministerium, we're focusing on the important topic of how to create these strong, complementary teams, especially in the ever increasing competition for top talents. We bring founders, investors and other important players in the ecosystem together to speak about how barriers can be overcome and what needs to be done to foster more diversity in the start-up ecosystem. Join us at an innovation-driven evening with crisp pitches, a panel with inspiring speakers, and plenty of opportunity to expand the all important network.


We would also like to give diverse teams the chance to pitch and present their start-up. If you have managed to create a team that is diverse regarding e.g. gender, age, ethnicity/culture, please apply here by April 20. A top-class jury will choose the best pitches. So if you want to be part of this event, fill out our typeform and secure one of 5 pitching spots.