#9 Know-How Event: Start on Purpose


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The efficiency of digital technology - software and the Internet - have set us free to start a business at a cost lower than ever before. The more companies and products rely on information technology, the deeper we get into the Fourth Industrial Revolution which transforms the power of artificial intelligence to enable not just automatic, but exponential productivity.

We have never been more efficient. Doing things right is a given. 

The global impact of information technology and the internet on trade, communication, and production has had an irrevocable impact on how we live, what we do, and who we are. We face unique global challenges like climate crisis, forced migration, rising inequality, and extreme poverty.

The time has now come to be doing the right things as well. It's about time to leave the differentiation between for-profit and non-profit companies behind, and embrace purpose-driven entrepreneurship, as a new approach, to tackling the challenges of the next age of technology.

Speaker Tina will take you on her personal journey as a tech entrepreneur and use it as a roadmap of the history of software, technology entrepreneurship, and business. You will learn the key lessons of successful entrepreneurship (of there are any), what makes a leader, and how to nurture your own - especially in the difficult times while building a company. 


Dr. Tina Ruseva is founder and CEO of Mentessa (a community platform for agile collaboration), speaker and initiator of the decentralized Big & Growing New Work Festival (Externer Link) and an expert advisor to the European Commission (European Innovation Council) (Externer Link) .

After Tina worked for Microsoft and studied computer science and communications at Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, she earned her PhD in Innovation Management at the University of Sofia (Berkeley & Intel Curriculum) and taught entrepreneurship.

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