Who’s behind iNDTact?

Dr. Raino Petricevic and Clemens Launer are the managing directors of iNDTact. The father of six Raino is the technical brain of the company. As a doctor of physics, he has spent more than 15 years working in the area of intelligent materials. Four years ago he met Clemens, the commercial head of the company at the Innovations - und Gründerzentrum in Würzburg [Würzburg Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurs]. Following a year of preparatory work at its own expense, the company iNDTact GmbH was founded in 2013.

What is unique about your business idea?

iNDTact is the first company to offer worldwide high-performance sensors. The high-tech company develops systems which can be used for recognising states and the operational stability analysis of machines. The special feature: iNDTact sensors can "feel" machines and components and monitor their "intactness". Vibrations, sound waves and loads are measured. The sensors are highly sensitive, yet stable at the same time. In addition, the technology is also suitable for mass marketing because it offers a virtually unlimited number of possibilities for use, it can be applied in almost all major sectors of industry and it can be individually tailored to the customer.

Who assisted you when founding the company?

Without the involvement of Dr. Christian Andersen, project manager at IGZ Würzburg and personal friend of the founders, the team would not have been founded. He has helped us with the issues of establishing promotion and supported us with constructive criticism from the very beginning up to today. In the first start-up phase, we were also actively supported by our bank, the Sparkasse Mainfranken Würzburg, in the form of financial consultations. In addition, our business angels have repeatedly confirmed their close relationship; they have entered into the venture to invest in a new technology and have mastered every challenge along with the team.

Did you take part in pitches or business plan competitions?

iNDTact took place in the Businessplanwettbewerb Nordbayern [North Bavarian Business Plan Competition] where it came second place in 2015. In the same year we were also awarded the Bayerische Gründerpreis [Bavarian Founders Award]. We received third place in 2016 for the Gründerpreis Würzburg [Wuerzberg Founders Award] and we won the Deutschen Gründerpreis [German Founders Award]. The company was also nominated for the Step Award and the KfW Preis [KfW award] in 2016. The German Founders Award in particular has given the company a tremendous boost in becoming well-known.

What were the biggest challenges you had to face when founding the company?

As a high-tech start-up with major customers in the security sector, iNDTact has had to deal more and more with the special characteristics of large corporations and their different attitudes towards start-ups. Therefore, it was not always easy, for example, to remain firm during price negotiations. This pressure can be countered with strong financial partners, however, as you are then in the position to say 'no'.  To compensate for market fluctuations in individual sectors, it helps that iNDTact also has a broad position across many industry sectors. Nevertheless, we were able to overcome all these challenges. Today, the team consists of energetic and dedicated solution seekers.

What advice can you give to new business entrepreneurs?

Whoever remains true to himself and believes in what he offers and what he can do on a daily basis, can turn his idea into a saleable product.
Particularly in business relationships with companies, the team is mainly invested in development and a sustainable supply capacity, and only secondarily in the product of today. It is important to gain the trust of customers in the company and the founders.
The founding should also absolutely be arranged within the private sphere. It is only with the right partner and the right friends at your side, that you will be able to manage times of particular pressures well and afterwards continue to have fun at work.

Why did you choose Würzburg or rather Bavaria as a business location?

Firstly, because we live in Würzburg, and on the other hand because we can rest and relax here, as the city has an enormously high comfort factor. The little leisure time that remains for most founders should be used for relaxation, as far as possible. The scenery, the food and the culture of Bavarian hospitality all help in this respect.

What aims do you have for the future?

The company should become fully international; we want to continue to grow rapidly in the coming years. As managing directors, we would like to be able to switch into the mode where we are able to take full holidays and establish a healthy work-life balance.

Where can I find out more about Antelope?

You can find everything that you need to know about our company at