Bavaria has a great deal to offer for start-ups! A broad customer base, access to funding, a highly skilled workforce and much more. Additionally, Bavarian towns and cities are often set in a historical scenery, accommodating popular and trendy nightspots. The surrounding nature offers many opportunities for outdoor leisure and sports activities during the weekends.

The major and successful companies of Adidas, Allianz, Audi, BMW, MAN and Siemens are known to everyone. While they are now established all over the world, they were “made” in Bavaria. This successful development was enabled by Bavaria’s wide ecosystem, which is characterised above all by its well-established small and medium-sized companies.
Bavaria is not only a country of innovation and technical and creative ideas, it also greatly supports its young entrepreneurs in various ways in order to successfully boost their businesses. Customers from all corners of the world like to rely on products originating from Bavaria. You are therefore given the opportunity to easily attract customers and to thereby expand your product range. The Bavarian market is also of great interest for investors. Bavaria offers a wide range of funding options which grant access to non-repayable subsidies.

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