A programme supporting business start-ups in the field of digitisation

1. The programme’s goals:

  • Supporting early stage technology-oriented business start-ups in the field of digitisation
  • Contributing to the establishment of fresh, innovative businesses in the market

2. Who receives support?

Business start-ups

  • in the field of digitisation,
  • whose foundation was no more than two years ago (relevant is the last possible day of application) and
  • with a particularly sustainable, innovative business model.

3. What is funded?

Expenditures cover

  • Rent and costs for personnel
  • Market launch of the product
  • Research and development

4. How does the funding work?

  • Up to a maximum of 50% of all eligible expenses
  • For a period of one year
  • Maximum 36.000 €
  • Funding is provided in the framework of the De minimis Regulation

5. How can you get selected for funding?

For a successful application, please fill in the online application form (only in German).

  • Step 1: Competition procedure, assessment of the application by an external jury of experts
  • Step 2: Selected candidates submit their funding request to the authorised government

6. Schedule

6. Schedule
Time period Programme phase
November 12th 2018 until January 11th 2019, 12pm Submission of online applications
January/February 2019 Jury’s decision
Until the end of March 2018 Submission of funding request by applicants selected by the jury
April 2019 Beginning of funding stage

7. Contact

7. Ansprechpartner