Bavaria has an excellent landscape of universities, technical colleges and research facilities which ensure top-quality training.

[Legend: 11 universities, of which 6 are excellence universities/projects; 17 universities of applied sciences; 13 Max-Planck Institutes; 3 institutes of the Helmholtz community; 8 institutes and facilities of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft; 14 Fraunhofer projects and work teams; 11 research and transfer centres; 14 research associations]


In addition, there are several clusters in Bavaria. Clusters serve to network between companies and/or companies with research facilities.

  • Aerospace: Oberpfaffenhofen
  • Automotive: Nuremberg
  • Railroadtechnology: Nuremberg
  • Biotechnology: Martinsried/Munich
  • Chemistry: Munich
  • Energy technology: Nuremberg
  • MAI Carbon: Augsburg
  • Nutrition: Kulmbach
  • Forestry and timber: Freising
  • ICT: Garching
  • Power electronics: Nuremberg
  • Mechatronics and Automation: Augsburg
  • Medicaltechnology: Nuremberg and Erlangen
  • Nanotechnology: Würzburg
  • New construction materials: Nuremberg
  • Sensor technology: Regensburg
  • Environmental technology: Augsburg

Cluster Initiative Bavaria

The "Bavarian Cluster Initiative" is a feature of the modernization strategy designed to enhance Bavaria's role as a top location for business and research.